Insurance Options

Caspian Health Insurance Solutions is a full-service health insurance and Medicare brokerage. Our services are entirely free to consumers.

There’s no need to navigate the Medicare and health insurance landscape alone. We can guide you through all of your options, make plan recommendations, and complete your enrollment. We remain your broker-of-record for the life of the plan, so we are here to help with any future questions or concerns.

Medicare Plans

Selecting the right Medicare plan is highly individual. Our agents will sit with you and review your doctors, medical groups, and prescription drugs. We then match up your preferences with the plan options in your county. We can guide you through the variety of choices that include Medicare Supplement plans, prescription drug plans, and Advantage plans.

Individual and Family Plans

We can help you acquire health insurance directly with the insurance carrier or through one of the health insurance exchanges for subsidized ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans. Your broker will help you navigate the enrollment periods, special election periods, and the application details.

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